Azahir Faldin o' Tel-Habin

Son of High Priest Valskaar Faldin


W: 132
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Skin: Reddish-Brown
Build: Muscular



The earliest and most vivid memory of his childhood was fires. As Azahir grew up, he never fully parted away from war. He was born in a tumultuous time of infighting and violence, during the failed coup d’etat to overthrow the greedy and nefarious lord of the Tel-Habin empire, Sharmaf Habin III. The failed coup d’etat gave way to more infighting and a full-fledged civil war, causing the great Tel-Habin empire to split into three different kingdoms.

Many were injured and sheltered in the care of Azahir’s temple. As he grew up, he quickly gained the skills needed to heal and cure the wounds inflicted in battle. Azahir’s skill grew at an exponential rate and was hailed the child prodigy and the blessed of Apollo. Valskaar used his son to his advantage and quickly catapulted his reputation and way into the upper ranks of the Order.

As Azahir’s skill grew, his perception of the world changed and he became more keen to the injustices of his society and organization. He began to speak out openly against Sharmaf against the advice of Valskaar. One day, Sharmaf invited him to court to have a formal meeting with Azahir to hear his complaint. Azahir unknowingly walked into a trap where he was apprehended by the guards and cursed by a foul sorcerer to have red eyes, jet black hair, and reddish skin. He was branded a demon by Valskaar and Sharmaf, and now is sentenced to death by public execution.

Azahir Faldin o' Tel-Habin

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