Haseid Khalid

Barbarian Outlander


Physical Traits

  • Black hair
  • Black eyes
  • H: 190 cm (~6’3")
  • W: 98.9 kg (~218 lbs)
  • Age: 20


Since his brush with death, Haseid has gained renewed appreciation of the precarious nature of his survival. To bring meaning to his life, he is determined to bring glory to his name, and thus, honor his tribe by establishing their history in legend. However, a life of harshness has left Haseid with a brusque nature. If challenged, he tends to respond aggressively and physically, where he can assert his strength. Most of the time, his social dealings leave unfavorable impressions of him. At this rate, his tribe will live infamy. Haseid remains unconcerned though. He believes his accomplishments, however they may be perceived, will invariably demand respect.


One of Haseid’s earliest and most haunting memories is the impression of his father’s back as he left his tent right before a battle. Khemed Khalid’s final words to his son were, “One day, Haseid, you will join my side in bringing glory to our tribe. Until then, stay here and protect your mother.” That day never came, as Khemed was cut down with most of the tribe’s men by a raiding party from a rival tribe of half-orc nomads. The ensuing bloody struggle remains etched vividly in Haseid’s mind.

The tribe greatly weakened in the aftermath of that battle. Unable to keep together, the remaining members split to seek better fates on their own. Luckily, Haseid and his mother, Meilil, were picked up by a merchant caravan. Making ends meet through a variety of odd jobs for the traveling merchants, the family managed to survive for another nine years, until Meilil passed away just a day after Haseid’s 17th birthday. Feeling his destiny lay elsewhere, Haseid left the caravan to strike out on his own.

Over the next two years, Haseid foraged the land as his ancestors had, and lived largely a life of solitude. Contact with others came mainly from trading and the occasional job as a guide through the desert. One fateful day, however, changed Haseid’s life forever. By coincidence, he intersected the path of a small group of half-orcs. He emerged from the ensuing fight victorious, but gravely wounded and dying alone. Fortunately, Azahir Faldin, a healing cleric, found him before he bled to death. Haseid pledged to repay this debt.

Haseid Khalid

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