Kasim Kian

Rogue Spy


Physical Traits

  • Brown Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • H: 172 cm (~5’8")
  • W: 68.9 kg (~152 lbs)
  • Age: 22
  • Short mustache with goatee


Perhaps due to his tortured past, Kasim is somewhat of a pessimist, or at best, a skeptic. He is slow to trust, and remains guarded. However, as a spy, he is often able to mask his feelings with a demeanor suited to his purposes.

Kasim often finds himself pitying the downtrodden. Not to be mistaken, his sympathy is not compassion; he has never actively helped any of those he pitied. His cynical nature stems from a lifelong experience of being oppressed and used, without relief. Combined with his occupation, his qualms regarding law and procedure are all but non-existent.

Trained to handle any situation, Kasim prefers stealth and manipulation to conflict. Perhaps, due to the personal nature of the deaths he feels guilty for, he favors using impersonal methods of force when it is unavoidable. After years of practice, Kasim has become quite a capable sniper with the crossbow. However, one should never underestimate his other skills; he remains one of the most promising operatives in Opir.


Born Kaveh, to the noble house of Kian, Kasim underwent a lifechanging ordeal before changing to his current name. As the son of the third concubine of Lord Kian, he bore little standing in the family, save for the fact that his mother, Nadia, was the youngest and favorite of the Lord’s consorts. Feeling threatened by the Lord’s adoration of Nadia, Lord Kian’s second concubine, Suri, and her son, Jamal, often treated Kaveh unfairly and quarreled with his mother. Lord Kian’s first wife, Mila, was secure in her position but felt jealous of the extra attention given to Nadia. As a result, she turned a blind eye to the torment Suri and Jamal inflicted on Kaveh and his mother.

Lord Kian was no blind fool. When Kaveh turned 15, the Lord recognized his talents and recruited him to be his personal spy. This allowed Kaveh to be away from the manse, and the antics of Suri and Jamal, as well as providing a valuable service to his father. For a time, the home of Kian seemed more peaceful.

One day, when Kaveh was 19, he returned home to find that his mother had died. Although the event was considered an accident, Kaveh was unconvinced. He believed that Suri was responsible for Nadia’s death. While cursing himself for being absent, he vengefully hatched a plan to bring shame to Suri and her son, forever besmirching their reputation. In a series of most unfortunate events however, Suri was killed by mistake instead. Furthermore, Kaveh discovered proof that his mother’s death was indeed purely an accident.

Riddled with guilt, but still holding a simmering hatred, Kaveh could not bear to stay in the Kian house any longer. With the help of Azahir, the son of High Priest Valskaar Faldin, he managed to attract the attention and employ of the royal crown. Eager to gain influence in the royal court and to garner information from his son, Lord Kian readily agreed to let Kaveh go. Under the guise of clandestinity, Kaveh has sinced used the name, Kasim.

Kasim Kian

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